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About Release Order

Towelket: One More Time 3
Four children are shrunken by the mysterious power of a magical book and go on an adventure.
Towelket: One More time 2
A young boy’s cow was abducted by aliens in a flying saucer and he goes on an adventure to find her.
Towelket: One More Time 1
Moochasu was stranded on a mysterious island with three girls. The Curse of Turning Corners falls upon them…
Towelket: One More Time 6 / Reverse
The Pon aliens have come to destroy Earth.
Minpo and her friends rise up to restore peace.
Towelket: One More Time 4
A boy was led by a fairy to an ocean world.
Two friends set out to search for him.
Towelket: One More Time ~ Fury ~
A young boy is cursed with a terrible fate on the day he was born. Years later on Constellation Day his girlfriend is abducted…
Towelket: One More Time 5 – Gaugau’s Bride
In the center of the earth, a pair of robots constantly jump to turn the planet. But one day a stupid girl stops Earth’s rotation!

Recent posts

Towelket 4 English translation completed

The translation is finished. While there is still room for various improvements, this version covers the whole game. Have fun, and if you have any feedback you wish to share, just let us know. Also, Towelket 6 got a revised translation this week.

TK2 new TL patch

I just prepared a new version of Towelket 2, fixing some things like a map exit warping you to the wrong position.

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